What can you expect from the Early Access?

Suicide For Him is being developed on our free time, and we are a very small team working on it. As the development process could take longer and people want to be able to test out the game before its release, we published the game on Steam in Early Access.

The game will receive frequent update to add more acts, and polish everything out, until everything is completely finished and we put an end to the early access state. For every content added over the update, the price will increase. If you decide to buy the game in early access, you won’t have to buy the game again whenever the early access will end.

The content present in the first Early Access version

In the story mode, you can play the first official act.

You will finally be able to discover the story behind Suicide For Him and you will meet some new characters.

This first act contains some voice acting provided by very talented voice actors, some animated cutscenes, some missions, a dream sequence, and an ending.

Please note that as this is the first early access build, a few things might be missing, like some lines that are not voice acted, or some cutscenes that doesn’t have any animations at all. This will be improved and polished over the updates.

While you wait for the next acts in the Story mode to release, you can still enjoy Suicide For Him by playing some Extra modes!

  • Extra Beat

A small rhythm game featuring some of the game’s soundtrack, and a few extra songs.

  • Endless Midnight Madness

She’s back, that lady with her frying pan! Inspired from “Midnight Madness” in the older public test builds, you have to survive from the school night guard and collect  as many keys as possible. Don’t let Toka notice you.

  • Galactic Time

A small platformer minigame featuring a few levels. Some levels are even synced with the beat of the music. Will you be able to complete them all?

You can earn some Steam achievements! Some might get unlocked very easily while you are playing, but some other will require you to be really careful and even replay the game. Some achievements could also get unlocked depending on the choices you’re making through the game.

Will you be able to get them all? 👀

More achievements are getting added over the updates!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of the Early Access, check out the Steam page!