The characters

Every student in the school is randomly generated, meaning that every player will have a unique experience. Only a few main characters will remain the same, like Akai’s brother, the bullies… and few other.

Akai Hoshi

The game's protagonist. An adorable protective sister. She lives alone with her little brother Fukoshi and takes care of him a lot.

Fukoshi Hoshi

A shy and timid boy. He's very close to his sister, Akai. After a year of absence, he joined his sister's high school.

Seiji Miyu

A mysterious transfer student. He moved because of his parent's job. He will become friends with Fukoshi.

Emiko Hamada

A lovely, friendly and energetic girl. She's Akai's best friend of all time.

Kuroe Ijime

The first bully of the game. A wicked and devilish girl who won't hesitate to humiliate people she sees inferior to her.

Shizu and Leiko

The devilish twins, and Kuroe's best friends. They don't talk often, but don't hesitate to encourage Kuroe to bully others.

Toka Pan

An old lady who used to work in a restaurant near the school in the past. She now works as the night guard in Cherry High.

Mr. Tori

The hard-working headmaster of Cherry High. He tries his best to make sure everyone feels comfortable in his high school.

Areku Shisu

More information on this character soon...

More characters will join the party very soon in future updates… Stay tuned! 👀