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“I will protect you, brother.”


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About the game

A mysterious 3D visual novel game.

After losing your parents last year, your brother Fukoshi Hoshi has become depressed and afraid. He is now attending the same school as you, but he is faced with a challenge…bullying. You, Akai Hoshi must find the bullies who torment Fukoshi and put a stop to it at any cost.

A deep story with multiple endings.

Use stealth to change the course of events, sabotage people’s actions to suit them to your needs, manipulate others to carry out your plan, and if the situation calls for it…use violence as a last resort.

Avoid gathering others’ attention by hiding in plain sight, prevent Fukoshi from going through more pain than he already has before it is too late!

And remember what your mother told Akai…follow the light.

Every choice you make is going to impact the game’s story. Various endings are available. Will you be able to get them all?

Every student in the school is randomly generated, meaning that every player will have a unique experience. Only a few main characters will remain the same, like Akai’s brother, the bullies… and few other.

Suicide For Him is currently in early access. Most of the game’s content is currently missing or in progress, like the story acts, the environment and the character models. The game is frequently updated, which means some content is being added and adjusted over the time.

We are open to feedback and always listening to the players. You can join the official Discord server to report bugs or to send feedback and suggestions to improve the game.

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